Skateboarding in tampa

I don't know what my deal is with skaters. I've never owned a skateboard, never known a real skater, and I have a 10 year old pair of inline skates that have been worn a handful of times (the last time being about 9.5 years ago). But I get so worked up when I hear someone getting arrested for UNLAWFUL ROLLERSKATING.

Three skateboarders were arrested in downtown Tampa:

Leon Wilfredo Lopez, 24, Jed Wesley Foster, 22, and Oliver Quinn Giles, 18, were arrested and charged with unlawful skateboarding...

Eventually we'll rid the world of these terrible terrible menaces to society. But in the meantime, can't we just help them find places where they can go? Instead of busting their chops, why can't cops suggest they head over to the Bro Bowl or DeSoto Park?

Tampa gets on National Television because of skaters - why don't we have a bit more respect for the sport? Why doesn't the city's P&R list of parks include those with skate ramps? Seriously, can't we have a few more public places where this mostly harmless activity is allowed?

Tampa Rail Undergoing Redesign

Welcome to the new Tampa Rail Website, the premiere website loudly advocating the development of urban rail transportation in Hillsborough County and the greater Tampa metropoliton area. The website is undergoing a complete design change in order to better assimilate an updated version of the famous Battle Blog format. During the transition many of the links won't work and the content you may have heard about (such as the streetcar video clips) won't be readily available. I admit it, my transitions are ugly - I usually do them live. But for me it's the only way to do it! I love making a change and giving everyone the opportunity to watch the progress.

As part of the change the blog and its associated message forum have been relocated here. You can also navigate to it and other areas of the messaging system in the navigation bar to the left. The row of pictures at the top will take you (eventually) to the major categories Tampa Rail has always abided by in its structure.

As for the area you're reading now, it will become the site's cover which regular visitors know I use to scream my pro-rail propaganda based on real headlines! I hope to have the Ronda Storms anti-tax fanatic cover back up real, real, quick. That is unless something else enrages me first.

This is a particularly exciting time to update the website. It seems like the light rail issue in Hillsborough County is finally poised to take off. The fire has been lit under a few butts it seems, and between TIA's announcement that it supports it, and Florida Senator Jim Sebesta's reactivation of the Tampa Bay Commuter Rail Authority these past three weeks, it's all we pro-rail supporters can do to keep from freakin' out man! Urban rail is coming to Hillsborough County in a big way and its going to put us on par with the greatest cities in America!